Godrevy 20th October 2012

Some fun waves as the sun went down. Few surfers, bodyboarders and a SUP.

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Godrevy 15th September

Few small waves at Godrevy, mainly long boarding.

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Godrevy 26th July

Fun little waves at Godrevy, shortboarders and bodyboarders.

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After a short stint out of the water I needed to get back into the swing of things and get some salt in my hair. Good friend and Phillack neighbour Josh Daniel suggests a little log shoot up at Godrevy so in the van I jump and we are off. Greeted by a bleak mid-tide bank and waist high dribblers we grab our suits and jump in. As expected the waves were pretty poor but Josh managed to snag a few fun ones as played with a few different angles. After 30 minutes floating we were done. Here’s a collection of shots from the session.

I don’t normally process black and white but its good to mix things up a little. Bring on summer.
Josh_Daniel_Godrevy_Longboard_Surf-1 Josh_Daniel_Godrevy_Longboard_Surf-2 Josh_Daniel_Godrevy_Longboard_Surf-3 Josh_Daniel_Godrevy_Longboard_Surf-4 Josh_Daniel_Godrevy_Longboard_Surf-5 Josh_Daniel_Godrevy_Longboard_Surf-6 Josh_Daniel_Godrevy_Longboard_Surf-7