15 Minute Sunset Shoot

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Its been far too long since I have written anything on the blog. Its been down to a multitude of things but the main one is down to working abroad. Since being home I have been trying to keep my camera on me more,…


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Thinking in Textures

Since returning home for the summer here in Cornwall, I have been trying to get out and shoot as much as possible between coaching at the surf school. Whether its sunny and offshore or gloomy and small I have tried to push myself into…

Sunrise Slide

josh daniel surfing cornwall photography

Another beautiful morning in the bay with sunshine, light winds and waves. I hooked up with a few friends and some of the boys from Slide65 surfboards for a little longboard shoot. Although the waves weren’t standing up perfectly at Gwithian there were still some…

Sunset Paddle

gwithian sup and surf photography - cornwall

Godrevy and the surrounding bay basically turned into a lake last week for a few days. These little flat spells normally get to people but with the sunshine and light winds there was plenty of opportunities to enjoy the ocean. We decided to hop…

On the Road

hand plane bodysurf photography

So as some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been all that active online with updates and images over the past 6 months. This isn’t due to me not photographing as much but rather down to travelling and shooting abroad. In fact i’m more…

Summer in Review

cornwall wave surf prints

As summer finally closes its doors what better time to put together a collection of my favourite shots from the great sunny season we had down here in Cornwall. Ok so it wasn’t a great summer for waves but it definitely wasn’t flat for more…

Good Morning

godrevy surfing photos and photography

An Autumn weekend producing some cracking waves up at Godrevy this morning. Headhigh on the sets and a light offshore breeze what better way to start your Saturday. Looks like it should be fun all up the North coast today with a similar story tomorrow….

Godrevy Surf Report 17/09/2014

Time: 10.05 AM Size: 2ft+ Wind: Strong E Rating: 5/10 Comment: Still plenty of waves kicking about, not quite as big as last night and the wind has picked up a fair bit. Hitting a bit of mid tide wobble at the moment but should be fun on the…

Autumn Evening

Godrevy Surf Photography - Cornwall wave photos

I arrived to work this morning and was greeted by knee high clean blue waves wafting through at Godrevy. A fun little groundswell began to start pumping through and with every set the waves built and built. 5pm swings by and the waves are shoulder…

Godrevy Surf Report 16/09/2014

Time: 13.25 PM Size: 2ft+ Wind: Moderate E Rating: 5/10 Comment: Nice little groundswell running seems to have built a little throughout the morning. Should get better as the tide drops out. Dont forget to like the Saltshots FB page www.facebook.com/saltshots – I always post the report there first! Click the images…

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Fire and Ice

cornish surf and wave photography art prints and canvas

Last week I managed to squeeze in a few water shoots one, of which during a vivid sunset and the other during a clear summers day. Its incredible how different the colours of the waves and ocean can be just down to the height…

Nicaragua Surf

Nicaragua The Boom

Nicaragua is one of my favourite surf destinations in the world. Epic waves, beautiful coastlines and friendly people. Some of the best surfing and waves.

5 Tips for Shooting Water

big surf wave cornwall cribbar

Up to your neck in it with waves and surfers flying over your head, the lineup is an amazing and exciting place to shoot but it can be frustrating at the same time. Here are a few tips for those looking to make the jump…

7 Days in the SW of France

yoga france surf camp star moilets

So I was lucky enough to spend the first week of June in Moilets and what a great way to start the summer it was. I stayed with Star Surf Camps, camping just a 5 minute walk from the open stretch of beach with funnelling barrels…

30 Minutes with Josh


After a short stint out of the water I needed to get back into the swing of things and get some salt in my hair. Good friend and Phillack neighbour Josh Daniel suggests a little log shoot up at Godrevy so in the van…

5 Weeks in Nicaragua

I just hit the 5 week mark of my trip to Nicaragua and thought it was about time I made a little update on the blog. Having a blast chasing waves around the coast and meeting some great people along the way. If you…

Godrevy Surf Report 20/10/2013

Time: 10.30 AM Size: 4ft+ Wind: Strong SW Rating: 5/10 Comment: Winds up and so are the waves. Sets coming in at around headhigh but a little windswept in the cross shore, Gwithian end looking a bit better and cleaner. Should be enough swell…

Godrevy Surf Report 18/10/2013

Time: 10.20 AM Size: 2ft+ Wind: Strong SE Rating: 6/10 Comment: The wind is howling offshore but there is still a few fun peaks out there, around shoulder high on the bigger sets too so plenty to play with. It’s beginning to get colder…

Slow Waves

A few waves about at the beginning of the week. I’ve been without my van which has made getting around a complete ballache but you can always find a few waves if you know where to look. I jumped on my bike and decided…

Godrevy Surf Report 05/10/2013

Time: 09.50 AM Size: 1ft+ Wind: Light SW Rating: 2/10 Comment: A few little peaks rolling in around waist high at best, not really any power to it but might be fun for a little cruise in the sun on a log or swellie….

Godrevy Surf Report 02/10/2013

Time: 09.30 AM Size: 2ft+ Wind: Moderate Southerly Rating: 4/10 Comment: Well there is plenty of swell about but unfortunately its completely missing the bay, Godrevy only picking up a dribble of swell around waist to shoulder high at most. It may build during the…

Godrevy Surf Report 01/10/2013

Time: 10.50 AM Size: 1ft Building! Wind: Moderate ESE Rating: 3/10 Comment: The new swell is slowly starting to pulse through, only around knee high at the moment but expecting to build to a decent sized wave this afternoon/evening. Plenty of swell about for the…

Godrevy Surf Report 26/09/2013

Time: 10.00 AM Size: 1ft Wind: Light ESE Rating: 2/10 Comment: Tiny clean little waves this morning, only about knee high unforunately. Grab a swell board or head up the coast a little to find a bit more swell. *Got a spare minute to…

Godrevy Surf Report 25/09/2013

Time: 10.00 AM Size: 1ft+ Wind: Light ESE Rating: 3/10 Comment: The swell has faded fast leaving us with a longboard-able few waves in the bay, would be pushing it on a shortboard but maybe at low tide you could snag a few. Dont…